Crossing the Street? Grab a Flag.

Pedestrians will take a red flag from a holder located at an intersection, wave it to catch driver's attention and safely cross to the other side.

Why did the red flag cross the road? To get to the other side safely.

Small red street-crossing flags were placed in plastic holders in crosswalks at 10 intersections across Chicago Thursday for pedestrians to make themselves more visible to drivers when crossing the street:

Pedestrians are encouraged to take a flag, wave it to catch motorists' attention and safely cross to the other side. The flags are installed near schools, senior centers and hospitals in the city that do not have traffic signals or stop signs.

The flags were installed as a part of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign from the Chicago Department of Transportation in an effort to increase pedestrian safety, and remind drivers to take caution in uncontrolled intersections, said a release from CDOT.

They're located at:

  • 71st and Spaulding
  • Central and Walton
  • Belmont and Kilpatrick
  • 93rd and Oglesby
  • 63rd and Talman
  • 50th and Cottage Grove
  • Devon and Francisco
  • 64th and Western
  • 79th and Throop
  • Elston, Grace and Bernard

This is the second installation that is a part of CDOT's "It's Up To You" pedestrian safety campaign.

In October, mannequins representing pedestrians killed in collisions were placed along Wacker Drive from Michigan to Wells with shirts that read "One of 32 Pedestrians killed last year in Chicago."

According to a state law passed in 2010, drivers must make a complete stop for pedestrians.

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