Chicago Family’s Special Needs Van Stolen

A Chicago mom said a van designed for her disabled son was stolen over the weekend, forcing her to cancel the boy's physical therapy appointments.

"I just don’t understand," Latowanna Jackson said, "why would you just up and take my van? That is my only way to get my baby around."

Daquawn Jackson, 11, suffers from a brain injury he sustained during an asthma attack when he was 9 years old. Jackson can no longer walk or talk and is bound to his wheelchair.

Daquawn's mom said the disability accessible van was their lifeline.

"It's wrong to steal someone’s vehicle ... especially when you see there is a lift and a handicapped sign in the window," Jackson said.

Jackson told NBC 5 the van was stolen around 5 p.m. Sunday outside of a movie theater in the 200 block of West 87th Street, where her nephew went to see a movie.

The movie theater turned surveillance footage of the gold 2000 Chrysler Town & Country minivan, with the license plate number R687596, over to police, officials said.

Jackson said she has insurance, but the $17,000 lift she had installed in the van is not covered.

While Jackson said her son was at school Monday, she was forced to cancel his physical therapy appointment Monday and several other appointments scheduled this week.

“I’m hoping and praying that it will be returned. If not I will have to start all over again from square one.”

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