Chicago Family Waits For Headstone Months After Baby's Sudden Death

Jasmine Ingram bought a special, pink $900 headstone in memory of her daughter

Jasmine Ingram, a mother from Chicago, suddenly lost her 4-month-old daughter to SIDS on Thanksgiving Day of 2018.

In memory of her young daughter, Madysen Alani, Ingram bought a $900 headstone, however Ingram said that headstone was never delivered to Burr Oak Cemetery where her daughter is buried.

"You think they will be here forever," Caressa Whitten, Madysen's grandmother said. "You don't expect that you'd lose a baby at four months."

Madysen's family entrused Robey Park Manor Funeral Home in Chicago Heights to handle the funeral services. 

While making arrangements, the family said the funeral director told them they could buy a headstone for the baby.

"They [the funeral home staff] were extremely nice, very caring, very understand," Whitten said.

A few months after the funeral, the family visited the cemetery, and noticed that the special, pink headstone they paid $900 for wasn't there.

"We wanted it to be pretty... something symbolic of her, just a nice headstone," Whitten, the baby's grandmother, said.

Whitten called the funeral director, and was told that she no longer worked at the funeral home.

When NBC 5 called the funeral home on Monday, the owner said he didn't sell headstones, and the person who sold one to Madysen's family no longer worked for him. The owner added that he planned to get the family the headstone they wanted "because it is the right thing to do."

Ingram and her family said they just wanted the headstone they paid for, hopefully by Thanksgiving when they visit Madysen on the anniversary of her death.

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