Chicago Family Searches for Missing Service Dog

The dog is a service animal for a 10-year-old girl who suffers from Type 1 diabetes and seizures

A Chicago family is desperately searching for a missing service dog.

The family believes someone stole the dog, which serves as a service dog to a 10-year-old girl with diabetes, Sunday from a yard at their South Side home at East 80th Street and Escanaba Avenue.

“The gate [in the backyard] is broken,” said JoBeana Perry. “I chained it so [people] can’t access the yard.”

Perry, whose daughter NeVaeh suffers from Type 1 diabetes and has seizures, said the 3-year-old dog named SymPhany is trained to alert her if her daughter’s blood sugar is too low or too high during the night.

“I trained her myself and that was a very, very, very, hard task,” Perry said.

Perry, who was hit by car while riding a motorcycle three years ago, said SymPhany also helped her learn to walk without a cane.

“This dog is very special to both of us, we are lost without her,” Perry said.

The family has been searching the area and putting up fliers in hopes that someone will return their beloved pet.

The dog has a black brindle coat and a short tail, black paws and a white cross on her neck, according to fliers. She was wearing a pink, spiked collar with three registered tags attached.

The family is asking that the dog be returned to their home, taken to an animal shelter or even dropped at their church at 4650 W. Madison.

Anyone with information about the dog's whereabouts is asked to call (312) 415-2406.

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