Chicago Family ‘Grateful' Following Coronavirus Recovery

Tabitha Phipps and her 6-month-old son, Marz, both tested positive for coronavirus

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A Chicago family says they're grateful after their wife and mother as well as 6-month-old baby recovered from the coronavirus.

Marvin Phipps told NBC 5 that when he initially got sick, he and his wife, Tabitha, weren't thinking about coronavirus or "anything like that."

But when the couple's 6-month-old son, Marz, began to cough excessively, the family went to the emergency room.

"Just seeing that and knowing you can’t really do anything," Tabitha Phipps said. "I was trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.”

Both Tabitha Phipps and young Marz tested positive for the coronavirus. While the parents focused on Marz, who was hospitalized at Lurie Children's Hospital, Tabitha was suffering from body aches that would leave her crying at night as her infant slept.

"Then to be sick as well was very, very hard, because Lurie’s is a children’s hospital," Tabitha said. "So, they weren’t giving me any attention. They were not helping me, so I just had to lace up my straps and be okay.”

After a hospital stay, 6-month-old Marz is back home with his whole family. Along with Marz and Tabitha, Marvin Phipps and 8-year-old Kingston are under quarantine, assuming they both contracted the virus.

"A lot of friends and family was supportive because we couldn’t go out," Marvin Phipps said. "So friends and family was bringing by dinner, groceries and things of that nature. That made things easier for us.”

The Phipps' family also offered advice for other families who are going through similar difficult situations.

“Just trying to be as normal as possible, doing things that made you happy. Calling your mom, calling your dad, calling your brothers and your sisters," Marvin said.

Both parents added perspective is key when going through a rough patch like this.

"I was blessed to wake up this morning, my baby and I," Tabitha Phipps said. "Everybody is not making it from this. So you have to put things in perspective, and just be grateful.”

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