Experts: 5 Tips to Beat the Heat This Week

Drinking plenty of water is a good start, but there are several other good ideas to keep in mind to beat the heat

From common sense solutions to off-the-wall ideas, Chicago residents looking to beat the heat have plenty of options over the remainder of the week as hot temperatures settle their grip on the area.

Tip 1: Keep Drinking Water, and Lots of It

Patricia Foots, a Chicago resident, recently dealt with dehydration, and she has a simple message for her fellow residents.

“Keep drinking water. Just keep drinking water,” she said.

Her common-sense stance is also advocated by Dr. Steven Krug of Lurie Children’s Hospital, who says that those in outdoor conditions can begin to dehydrate within just an hour.

NBC 5’s Dick Johnson has some more tips for you if you’re looking to protect your pocketbook from the skyrocketing temperatures. 

Tip 2: Drink Water, and Get in Water Too!

“Water is a great way to cool off, whether it’s in a pool or a bath or a tub,” Dr. Krug says.

Tip 3: Wear Light and Loose Clothing

Dr. Krug says that cool clothing is key, and local bike riders who are potentially going to be working in the near 100 degree weather on Thursday say that they’re going to make sure to keep on light-colored, and light fabric, clothing.

“I usually wear a light button down shirt, and I drink a lot of Pedialyte,” Pedi-cab rider Jack Heiman says.

Tip 4: Avoid the Hottest Parts of the Day

From noon to 4 p.m., temperatures are going to spike close to 100 degrees, and heat indicies are expected to settle between 110 and 115 degrees.

Larry Dostal, who manages the Shoreline Sightseeing boat cruises on the Chicago River, says that employees who are working on the boats are very careful about taking turns resting in the shade during the heat of the day.

“Our crew is outside on those hot decks all day long,” he said. “They rotate so they’ll be on the upper deck for a half hour and then they will switch so there is always someone cooling off in the shade.”

Tip 5: Sunscreen, and Lots of It

It’s very easy not to apply sunscreen regularly, but if  you’re going to spend any prolonged time in the sun this week, you need to be sure to lather up, Dr. Krug says. Sunburn can impact your body’s ability to cool itself with sweat, and that is not a good situation to put yourself in when you’re in the outdoors.

For more tips, and for locations of cooling centers around the area, visit the NBC Chicago app.

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