Chicago Establishment Named as One of Best Bars in the World

There are countless great bars in Chicago, but only one of them was deemed worthy of a new list of the world’s best.

According to the folks at World’s 50 Best Bars, The Aviary, located in the 900 block of West Fulton Market in the city’s West Town neighborhood, is among the best establishments to grab a drink and food in the entire world.

The Aviary is one of 13 bars located in the United States. Seven of the bars included in the ranking were located in New York City, while three more establishments were located in San Francisco.

“Aviary is home to the most comprehensive ice programme of any bar ever: the ice room in the bowels of the building produces 39 types, bespoke moulds and freezers the size of small cars working their slow-cooling magic,” the review says.

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The ranking also touted the bar’s “In the Rocks” beverage, which features whiskey contained within a sphere of ice. Customers wishing to drink the concoction will have to literally chisel it out of the ice with a hammer.

The bar has won several awards, including a James Beard Award in 2013 for Outstanding Bar Program. It opens every day at 5 p.m., and tickets to the bar’s experiences, including its “7-Course Kitchen Table Experience” and the “5-Course Cocktail Tasting Menu” are available on their website. 

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