Chicago Dubbed “Best Drinking City in America”

The city's booze scene was called a “full-on drinkable renaissance"

It’s a hoppy day for Chicago.

The Windy City has been named the “Best Drinking City in America,” according to GQ Magazine, which calls the city’s booze scene a “full-on drinkable renaissance.”

“Right now, at this very minute, there isn't a city in America better suited to our favorite pastime,” the magazine wrote. “And we don't just mean for the schmoozers who can get past a tough door, or the barstool lifers who've never missed happy hour. We mean everybody—the beer drinkers, the gin lovers, the rare-bourbon aficionados.”

Whether it’s sports-related, weather-related, or just fun-related, Chicagoans are apparently hitting the booze button.

The magazine cites the city’s endless list of local pubs, saying there’s a “Cheers in every hood,” and specifically references Chicago staples like Violet Hour, Scofflaw, Sportsman’s Club, Ada St., Barrelhouse Flat, Three Dots and a Dash, Drumbar, Billy Sunday, the Berkshire Room and Maude’s Liquor Bar.

The city's booming local brewery scene and area distilleries also lifted Chicago to top drinking status, with places like Goose Island, Half Acre and Few.

And who could forget the city's infamous Jeppson’s Malort, “because the world may be your playground, but sometimes you gotta smash your teeth on the monkey bars.”

Renowned chef Grant Achatz was also noted for his two bars The Aviary and The Office. Also mentioned was Rodrick Markus, owner of the Rare Tea Cellar.

The new title may be reassuring for city drinkers and local taverns after Chicago was left off the Daily Meal’s list of “Best U.S. Craft Breweries” last month.

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