Chicago Puts Off Speed-Camera Enforcement A Little Longer

Chicago’s new speed cameras are nearly all installed, and while the initial 30-day warning period is over, the city has delayed the beginning of the system's enforcement a little longer.  

“We are not issuing tickets until there has been ample time for all warnings to be issued … and we are sure drivers have had a chance to be notified of potential violations,” Bill McCaffrey, a spokesman in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office, said.

Drivers caught going 6-10 mph over the speed limit will get a $35 ticket, and those exceeding the limit by 11 mph or more will be fined $100. Compare that to New York City, where new speed cameras also were installed. The fine is $50 for driving 10 miles or more over the speed limit.

Chicago’s enforcement begins within two to three weeks, after all of the camera systems are installed. McCaffrey promises the Chicago Department of Transportation "will notify the public several days in advance of the start of enforcement.”

Some experts predict the new cameras could generate more than $250 million annually for the cash-strapped city.

Emanuel plans to announce in two weeks what his options will be to balance the 2014 budget's $339 million deficit.


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