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Chicago Appreciates Oprah, Daley Says



    Mayor Richard Daley says Stedman Graham was wrong when he said the Windy City doesn't appreciate Oprah Winfrey. (Published Thursday, June 10, 2010)

    Chicago doesn't appreciate Oprah?  And that's why she's leaving?  Blasphemy!


    A week ago, the talk show queen's longtime beau, Stedman Graham, went on FOX Chicago and said the city doesn't understand the "value of her as a human being and what she's done."

    Mayor Daley doesn't see it that way.  In fact, he said, Chicagoans respect her work and her privacy.

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    "I think everybody appreciates Oprah, and there's no way -- One thing about Chicagoans, we respect your privacy," he said at a Bronzeville news conference to announce a new online summer school project.  "She could be in a restaurant. She could be at the East Bank Club.  She could be walking down the street [and] people don't run up to her.  [It's] very interesting.  West coast, east coast -- papparazzi is going to be running around, chasing her up and down. Here's Chicago, we weren't taught that way. We have people out to restaurants or dinners, walking down the street. You say 'Hi, how are ya?' or something, but you're not in her face.

    Last fall, Daley blamed Oprah's Windy City departure on a lack of respect she'd gotten from the media.  He later said he was joking.