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Man Honored for Chasing Cell Phone Thief

Gary Dailey witnessed attack, chased robber into path of police officers on July 4



    Chicagoan Gary Dailey sprang into action on July 4th when he witnessed a teen snatch a cell phone from a woman's hand. Marion Brooks reports. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013)

    A Chicago man on Wednesday was honored for his role in helping police snatch an accused cell phone thief.

    Ald. Ed Burke (14th) awarded Gary Dailey, 51, a City Council resolution at the same Gold Coast underpass where the Fourth of July heist took place.

    Dailey was out for a run that night when he happened to be in the underpass and witnessed a teen snatch a phone out from a woman's hand.

    "There was a very tall gentleman. I’m 6'3, and he was probably at least 6'5". [He was] twisting the woman’s arm, and her face was grimacing, and she was holding the hand of a very young child, and he ripped the phone out of her hand," Dailey said. "I got mad."

    When the teen ran Dailey's way, the former track coach and marathon runner sprang into action, chasing the robber for four blocks and right into the path of police officers.

    "The spirit of the Good Samaritan is alive and well in the City of Chicago," Burke said in issuing the resolution.

    Dailey said he was raised to help and protect others, just like his brother who happens to be a Chicago police officer.

    "It was dangerous, but that's the way he is," said Guy Dailey. "It was the right thing to do and I'm glad it turned out great."