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Chicago Baseball

Chicago Baseball

Wrigley Renovation Deal Expected by Monday: Sources

Monday is Cubs' home opener against the Milwaukee Brewers



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    Ongoing conversations are promising and a deal on the long-sought renovation of Wrigley Field is expected to be finalized by next Monday, the day of the Chicago Cubs home opener, sources told NBC Chicago.

    Though nothing had been finalized by Thursday afternoon, it appears the Cubs organization will get new signage, including a new video scoreboard, and a relaxation of the rules on night games, the sources said.

    One or two of the rooftops would be impacted by the new signage, NBC Chicago was told. The rooftops would also not get an extension on the agreement on their revenue-sharing contract with the team. Rooftop owners currently share 17 percent of their profits with the Cubs.

    Sources also say the team may pay for the construction of a new parking garage and additional police protection.

    Because of its location in a residential neighborhood, the Cubs are limited to 30 home night games a season and the team can't play night games on Friday or Saturday. They're also the only major league team that faces advertising limitations.

    Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts offered months ago to pay for the five-year, $300 million project without taxpayer help if the city agreed to relax some rules on advertising, concerts and night games.

    The two sides had hoped a deal would have been made by Monday, April 1. That didn't happen, and sources said the team's self-imposed deadline had been extended a week. It appeared Thursday that things are happening exactly as sources said.