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Chicago Cop Charged, Accused of Stealing More Than $2K in Alleged Email Scheme

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A Chicago police officer has been charged with theft and wire fraud for allegedly stealing more than $2,000 from a Massachusetts woman using an email scheme.

According to prosecutors, Elise Middleton, who was assigned to the Chicago Police Department's 14th District, is accused of using an email scheme to convince a woman to wire more than $2,000 directly into her bank account as part of a process to become a brand ambassador for an energy drink company last summer.

On Aug. 3, prosecutors say the Massachusetts woman received a check in the mail for $2,735.

"The check was in fact fake and not authorized by the account holder," a proffer from bond court stated.

The woman was then told once she received the check she needed to wire transfer $2,050 to Middleton via a separate bank account, prosecutors said. Once she did, Middleton withdrew the money. But prosecutors say the company that purportedly issued the check never authorized it nor did they employ Middleton to solicit people as ambassadors.

Middleton, who was issued a $10,000 I-bond in court Tuesday, was charged with felony wire fraud and theft following an investigation by the Chicago Police Department.

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