Comedian Shouts “Drive-By Compliments” to Chicagoans

"Your hair reminds me of a sunrise," Blake Grigsby tells a Chicago passerby

Sometimes all you need to brighten a bad day is a compliment from a stranger.

Blake Grigsby pretty much proves it.

The 20-year-old Chicago comedian recently filmed himself driving around the city shouting compliments to passersby through a megaphone, praising their hair, clothing, overall beauty and even their pets. The video, aptly named "Drive-By Compliments," has been viewed more than 560,000 times on YouTube and received attention from national news outlets.

"I just wanted to compliment people in a fast-paced way and film it to show people it's really easy to compliment others," Grigsby said. "You don't need a megaphone to do it, but you don't need to be scared."

Grigsby certainly wasn't afraid to put himself out there.

"Your hair reminds me of a sunrise, and it is quite awesome," Grigsby yells to a man on a Chicago sidewalk.

Every recipient seems genuinely pleased by the compliment, smiling back at Grigsby, giving him a thumbs up or yelling thank you. "They're sincere compliments," he said. "They're not meant to be sarcastic."

"You have beautiful hair," he yells to one woman in the video, who says, "Well, thank you."

When Grigsby tells a man, "I love your shirt," the pedestrian turns around, smiles and says, "Hey, thanks."

"You guys deserve a balloon," Grigsby tells one couple. "You're so cute!"

"What color?" they say.


This isn't the first time Grigsby, who focuses on positive and uplifting projects, and his online videos have received praise. Video of him holding a "Kiss me, I'm desperate" sign was viewed more than 12 million times.

Grigsby films and posts new projects weekly. Head to his YouTube channel for more.

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