Chicago Bears Legend Mike Ditka Turns 74 Friday

Despite having been fired 20 years ago, Ditka still a legend in the city

Even though the Windy City has had its fair share of legendary (and not-so-legendary) coaches in professional sports, no headmaster has ever taken hold of the city and refused to let go more than former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. 

Today marks Ditka's 74th birthday, and even though he hasn't coached the Bears for 20 years, his legend still runs strong to this day. He has his own radio show on ESPN 1000. Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein host a segment on their afternoon show on 670 the Score called "Who You Crappin", named after a famous tirade that Ditka launched against Boers during his tenure as Bears coach. He still endorses all sorts of products, including salsa and wine. His restaurant is still a popular haunt for those looking for a giant steak or just a chance to see some vintage Ditka memorabilia. 

With all of these successes, it's easy to see why Ditka's legacy is so potent in the city, but the reality is that the reason he is still so popular is because he embodies the spirit that Chicagoans see in themselves. He is brash, sarcastic, funny and, most importantly, passionate about everything he does.

Whether it was tearing into reporters when he was coaching or cracking jokes during one of his numerous media gigs, Ditka is never afraid to speak his mind, and he will forever remain in the hearts of Chicago's sports public. 

In honor of his birthday, we ask you as Bears fans to tell us your favorite Ditka moments. To help refresh your memories a bit, we have a video of some of Da Coach's best moments with the Chicago media: 

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