Chicago Chef Downs 120 Raw Eggs on “America's Got Talent”

A 29-year-old chef from Chicago certainly outdid Rocky for his performance on America’s Got Talent.

Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, who co-owns Taco in a Bag in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood and is also an extreme eater, had the judges help him crack 120 eggs, and then he ate them… all of them.

While the judges and many in the audience gagged at the sight, Bertoletti chugged four pitchers full of raw egg. The move, set a raw-egg-eating record on the stage.

"When God was giving out talents he ran out and he gave me that," Bertoletti said. "That’s my one talent in life."

Bertoletti has earned titles in competitions for eating burgers, corned beef, hot dogs and other foods.

The stunt was for the Season 10 auditions. Bertoletti, 30, earned three “yes” votes from the judges and will move on to the next round.

As for what he’ll eat next time, we will have to wait and see.

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