Hundreds Turned Away From Controversial Cemetery Movie Screening

The showing did not take place among the gravestones, but rather in the cemetery's picnic area

Hundreds of people turned up to a screening of the horror movie "Sinister" at a Chicago cemetery Friday night, but hundreds more had to be turned away for security reasons.

The movie screening at Bohemian National Cemetery attracted more than viewers, however. It also sparked controversy as some claimed it was disrespectful to host a movie screening at the final resting places for so many people.

Jennifer Cegielski, who has relatives buried in the cemetery, is among those who think the screening was distasteful.

"They were hardworking immigrant people, and I'm fairly certain when they secured their plot of land for their eternal resting place, this wasn't exactly what they had in mind," Cegielski said.

Others, however, thought the movie showing was spooky and fun, as evidenced by the hundreds who lined up to try and get in.

Chuck Betzold, a trustee of Bohemian National Cemetery, was hopeful the movie showing would attract positive attention from those who don't normally visit the cemetery.

"We wanted to bring the next generation to the neighborhood to come in and see what a beautiful place this is," Betzold said.

The screening of "Sinister" was the first movie showing Bohemian National Cemetery has hosted. The showing did not take place among the gravestones, but rather in the cemetery's picnic area.

"There's always going to be some people who object to it, but here at the cemetery we are free thinkers," Betzold said before the screening. "There will be no mourners at that time, just those for this event."

The movie began at 9 p.m. Friday, but it was forced to stop early due to storms.

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