Why Your Fixed Costs Aren’t Fixed

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It's hardly a sexy topic, but local business owner Jay Goltz has penned a piece for the New York Times' biz blog about the importance of reassessing your fixed costs. It's a good reminder that you can rethink the day-to-day factors of your office you take for granted or forget about altogether.

Chief among these pointers are switching the types of light bulbs you use -- LED ones, for Goltz, saved him $15,000 per year in electricity both in the lights themselves and also in slashed air-conditioner usage: the lights are cooler, so the office gets cooler. He doesn't name-drop any particular brands, but surely your local hardware shop or techie friend can help point you in the right direction.

Goltz also suggests moving offices or switching telephone technologies to be strictly online as other areas to explore. But he sums his point up in his final paragraph: 

Most entrepreneurs spend their time chasing new business. It is equally effective to chase expenses. 

Read Goltz's full post over at the New York Times

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