Why Full-Time Employees Should Embrace the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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So maybe you would like to be an entrepreneur but have hesitations leaving the security of your full-time position and all the benefits that come along. One way to get your toes wet in the waters of uncertainty is to embrace the entrepreneurship spirit. That spirit that compels and moves one to take charge of one's own career. Even if you are complacent to be employed in an organization where there are certain milestones that dictate whether or not you obtain a higher position, it does not guarantee your success. 

Entrepreneurship does not only mean working for oneself -- it's more of an attitude. Entrepreneurs do not wait for things to happen, they don't rely on conventional methods which dictate your position based on your years of experience or education. They act. How? By asking for "what they want" instead of waiting for advancement. In order to be successful, you must be proactive and not reactive. You will undoubtedly get a lot of "no's" but, this is all right, it molds ones character to become immune to failure. It grows a thick skin of protection where you do not become deterred by "no." In essence, it validates the old saying, "It's just business," it is not a reflection of your character or professional abilities. Once you grasp that concept, that fear of rejection will diminish and you will feel empowered. So much so that it will translate and seep into every aspect of your life. Changing the way you act and feel about yourself for the better.

In short, embracing the entrepreneurship spirit is embracing your inner strength and ability to make changes that before you might have been hesitant or scared to do. Empowerment is a beautiful thing and something that has been overlooked while we go through our everyday lives. 

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