What an Entrepreneur's Mind Should Always be Focused on

Not only do we have access to countless types of media and information created by others, but we are now able to record, organize and recall our own personal information in more ways than ever before possible. Can't remember where you parked your car? No problem. Just click the fob on your key chain and listen for that telltale beep. Lost your iPhone or iPad, again? Not a problem. Just use Find My iPhone/iPad, assuming you originally enabled your device(s), of course. Not quite sure how to get somewhere? With GPS and an address, no need to remember. The examples are numerous, but all point to the fact that technology is an ever-present part of our lives and saves us time and effort.

The Risks and the Rewards

Along with the perks I mentioned, there are a few pitfalls. Having access to these tools has negatively affected our ability to actually remember the little things. And of course, there are more things to remember than ever before. Do you know 10 telephone numbers? Okay, 10 might have been pushing it. How about five? Yeah, me neither. If we can't remember five phone numbers, what leads us to believe that we are capable of remembering the essential details of our business relationships? Are we willing to risk our livelihoods on our ability to remember the kinds of details that impact our success? Let’s start by sorting what we need to “remember” into the two categories of "People" and "Everything Else." Although I could, I won’t make a case for which one is more important. But I do believe people incorrectly assume that remembering details concerning “People” is secondary to “Everything Else.”

Memory for People Trumps Memory for Things

Most of us are much better at the "things" side than they are at the "people" side. Why? Because those are the details we deal with more often. We have all felt the pain of lost account information or the sadness of deleted photographs. However, many have yet to discover the success that comes from diligently cataloging whom you met with, when or how you met, their interests, or even what follow up action they are expecting from you.

We have the means, in the form of phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops, to command control of the “People” side of our lives. Hard work? Perhaps. But technology can help. We’re expected to maintain an exorbitant amount of information, but we don’t have to remember it all on our own. Mobile devices and the relationship management apps available for them can help us deal with more people, more effectively than ever before. Protect your memory for the “People” stuff and discover the benefits of putting your technology to work!

Mike Muhney is a recognized expert in the field of relationship management. He is the co-founder and co-inventor of ACT!, the software product that created the entire Contact Management software category and is acknowledged as the catalyst that started the entire CRM (Customer Relationship Management) industry. Today, he is the CEO and co-founder of VIPorbit Software, creator of the Mobile Relationship Management category for users of smartphones and tablets, beginning with the iPhone and iPad. VIPorbit provides full-featured, affordable solutions to today’s mobile device user. VIPorbit can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or www.viporbit.com.

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