Two Non-Profits with a Twist are Worth a Look

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Lately, I have taken an interest in finding charities that exude both an altruistic and entrepreneurial spirit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accepting online donations, but I am interested in finding non-profits with some extra entrepreneurial edge and two Chicago organizations jumped out.

Altruism is great, but it targets a small percentage of people. For those who want something in return for their generosity, Tix4cause is a great way to give back.

It’s brilliant in its simplicity: Unused tickets from sporting events, theater productions and more are donated to tix4cause. Cause-based buyers then purchase the tickets, and up to 100 percent of the proceeds go to a charity of choice. Enjoy a fun night out while supporting your favorite cause.

The second company that caught my attention is The Holiday Heroes Foundation, a charity started by a 14-year-old girl named Heather and her older sister Haley.

Heather was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at eight years old and used her struggles as the inspiration to start Holiday Heroes to ensure other kids going through the same experience could have a little relief.

The Foundation collects gifts from donors and visits various hospitals six times a year for special occasions: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas/Chanukah. They decorate the hospital wings, play with the kids and give them gifts.

As an entrepreneur, I’m business-focused and so are most of my colleagues. Sometimes we forget that the non-profit industry boasts amazing examples of entrepreneurism. Tix4cause and The Holiday Heroes Foundations are refreshing examples of innovative businesses that pay it forward. 

Adam Fridman is the founder of, a social network for entrepreneurs. MeetAdvisors allows for professionals to give free advice to those seeking help with their business ventures. Forbes has coined MeetAdvisors "Yelp for entrepreneurs." Armed with a Master of Science in Finance and experience in corporate finance and investment banking, Adam spent the past 10 years tackling a number of ventures with a focus on business development and strategy.

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