Seeking Full-Time Employment? Think Like an Entrepreneur

Are you one of millions that are looking for full-time employment? Change your attitude from what you can offer in terms of services in your particular industry to what you can offer a particular company which you are applying to. Basically, think like an entrepreneur.

Start by doing your homework, what type of company is it? A large four? A medium company or a small private enterprise? What space does the company compete in? Does it target large clients or medium to small clients? Many times you can simply find this information on the company's website. Make sure you learn as much as you can from their website especially in the "News" section in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the company that you are targeting.

When you apply for a position in that particular company your cover letter or correspondence should include a discussion of the company's business growth and how you as an individual can or are planning on contributing to that growth. For example, perhaps you can share your knowledge and prepare training presentations to other current employees, motivate and share your passion for the industry and profession you currently are seeking to work in.

Also include your future plans with respect to continuing education and how you could pass along the knowledge to the company. The point is to elaborate on who you are, what goals you have and what you could offer the company. Most importantly convey that you are looking for a position in which you could grow in professionally for the long term. It is also important to add any additional information you believe is pertinent and will set you apart from others. For example, if you have insurance coverage through your spouse, make the company aware of that and the fact that you would not be needing their coverage. This will set you apart from other applicants by providing the company with an additional cost savings benefit to the company. With whatever you convey to the prospective company you want to make sure that you understand the company, ask additional company growth related questions and convey how you as an individual can contribute to the company's growth and become an asset for the long run.

Monika Witek provides business, intellectual property, forensic and fraud litigation and business valuation services to attorneys and their clients. Her focus is on providing damage, lost profits and valuation calculations related to commercial and intellectual property litigation.

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