Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting or Selling Your Business


If you aren't a member of TiE Midwest, a non-profit organization that endeavors to identify and nurture on-the-rise entrepreneurs, you missed a recent invite-only dinner with speakers touching on the evolution of entrepreneur's mindset over a company's life.

More specifically, it zeroed in on the temptations and warning signs inherent to all the possible early-exit opportunities in selling away your business. We've posted before about how to better sell your business, but Fieldglass Inc. CEO Jai Shekhawat and Vital Sensors CEO and Chairman Bob Zieserl boiled down some questions you should ask yourself before activating the ejector seat.

If you weren't in attendance, contributor SunShine BenBelkacem has posted very handy bullet points from the talk -- and if you're not in a reading mood, there's also a drawing summing up the evening as well.

But among the most salient points are tips like "if you build to sell, you will fail," being honest about how much you think your company is truly worth, and how your exit can benefit the Chicago business scene at large (tell people what you did).

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