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From svelte speakers to iPhone apps, Chicago's got (and makes) the goods.

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Britni Day
Chuck Hamman and Eli Galayda created Sleepyhead, an "anti-energy" drink, and launched it here in Chicago to help the "Most Caffeinated City in America" calm down.
miWedding was created here in Chicago by Andrew Whiting and J Schwan as for brides and grooms to keep their wedding guests up to date.
Chicago based start-up, VLinks Media, created apps for students to study for their grad school exams.
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Groupon Now launched in Chicago, offering deals that are available, The product differs from their traditional business model of selling deals that are available to use for a few days.
Specimen, a Chicago-based guitar and amplifier company, makes the new Little Horn Speaker. It has a special inverted design that amplifies soft sound through a bell-like enclosure. The fiberglass super speaker is available in multiple colors for $1,850 at
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Lisle-based company Lextech Labs' new iRa application allows users to control live camera feeds conveniently through their iPhone or Ipod. Touch. You can buy any one of three versions of the application at iPhone App Store. The pricest application runs about $900.
From a Chi-based design gal, Ork maps denote city neighborhoods by filling their boundaries with the hood's name in the DIN 1451 typeface, also the signage font ignored by speeding motorists in Germany. $35,
OrigAudio, located on Chicago's North Side, created the eco-friendly Fold n' Play. The cardboard speaker is self-powered and made for easy transportation. It was named one of Time magazine's 50 best inventions of 2009. You can buy one at for $16.
Tula Foods
Tula Foods has found a whey for you to get all the protein you need. The Evanston-based yogurt company, Better Whey of Life, offers yogurt that contains 15 to 17 grams of protein per cup. The product is available at Whole Foods, Treasure Island, and Sunset Foods in the Chicagoland area.
Loggerhead Tools
Loggerhead Tools, located in Palos Park, caters to any handyman. The Immix 20X (pictured far right) combines 34 tools in one design and includes 20 of the most popular sizes for screwdriver heads. The Immix 20X retails for $59.95.
WaveMachine Lab
WaveMachine Lab's application Voice Band allows users to sing into their iPhone and transforms any melody into 1 of 10 different instruments. Users then have the option to layer multiple recordings to create entire songs. The application from this Chicago company is available at the iPhone App Store for $2.99.
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Green Planet offers the only water bottle made from 100 percent renewable resources. The Arlington Heights company sells their green bottles all over Chicago but will soon offer bottles in cases online at here.
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Wheeling's Kissel's Spiced Jams are interesting combinations of jelly and herbs like Blueberry Lavender, Apricot Rosemary, and Cherry Fennel. All jams are $5.99 at Whole Foods.
Harrison Harmonicas
The only company in the U.S to produce harmonicas calls Chicago home. Harrison Harmonicas, located in Wrigleyville, created the B-radical harmonica. It has an RSS reed replacement system and will set you back $180.
Fellowes, a Chicagoland-based company, launched a new paper shredder featuring powerful tearing capabillities. The company also guarantees a 100 percent Jam Proof technology. Buy shredders online at
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