How to Stop Being a Micromanager

"Micromanaging" is just another word for a complete and utter inability to delegate your troops or trust them to carry out your vision. Or, as the self-anointed Trust Ambassador, Robert Whipple said, it "implies a lack of trust… The manager is not confident the employee can or will do a job correctly, so the employee is besieged with 'helpful' instructions from the manager on exactly how to perform tasks."

So what do you do? Intuit Small Business Blog has a post on this very topic, plus more on how to identify the telltale micromanaging behaviors.

So here's how you can stop, according to Intuit:

For more, I'd suggest reading Whipple's blog post, and his blog in general.

David Wolinsky is a freelance writer and a lifelong Chicagoan. In addition to currently serving as an interviewer-writer for Adult Swim, he's also a comedy-writing instructor for Second City. He was the Chicago city editor for The Onion A.V. Club where he provided in-depth daily coverage of this city's bustling arts/entertainment scene for half a decade. When not playing video games for work he's thinking of dashing out to Chicago Diner, Pizano's, or Yummy Yummy. His first career aspirations were to be a game-show host.

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