How to Choose Your Social Media Voice

All writers, comedians, and orators need to “find their voice.” The same is true for social media platforms, especially if you’re looking to drive engagement. As I’ve learned during my time running social media campaigns for OpticsPlanet, building engagement isn’t easy and can’t be done overnight. However, finding your voice is an important first step in the process.

Your voice in social media is the first thing your potential customers are going to experience. Some companies take on a formal and extremely cheerful tone. Others are edgier and more abrasive. Ultimately, the voice you decide on should and will be unique to you or your company. I’ve learned some hard lessons, and as a result, I’ve also learned the best places to start finding your voice.

Here's some suggestions: 

1. Humorous. I’m a big fan of humor, and it seems like my social media fans are, as well. Some of the most successful posts I’ve run also happen to be simple and funny. Since you toe a line between humor and staying relevant to your company, you’ll find that humorous posts are best for getting new fans to notice your page.

2. Informative. Humans love to learn. In any given week, I’ll run a few posts with curious, unusual, or surprising facts that relate to the industry my company is involved in. I have found it’s best to reach outside of your brand - honestly, no one wants to hear “facts” about your company’s founding. Instead, go for historical facts, industry news, and things that will surprise your fans.

3. Debate-driven. Sometimes, I like to stir the pot. I ask the fans if they prefer camping or spending a day on the beach. My greatest lesson from this is that it’s sometimes preferable not to leave questions open-ended. For example, you might not want to say “Tell us your favorite way to get around town!” Instead, you might frame it in the form of a mini-debate: “Which do you prefer, motorcycles or cars?” The spirited and friendly debate this creates causes fans to voice their opinions.

4. Inquisitive. Perhaps the most important factor in deciding your social media voice is to ask questions. Almost any time I communicate with my social media fans, I ask them something. Even simple questions - just asking your fans what they like about your products or what they look for when they shop in your industry - can generate a surprising amount of response. My fans have taught me that they want to be engaged, to be asked questions, and to be challenged. I wanted to drive up engagement, so I figured I ought to oblige them!

These are just a few ways you can start finding your voice. Eventually, you can start injecting more personality into your interaction with your social media followers. Don’t be afraid to make your social media voice stand out!

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