How to be a Digital Marketing Expert When You’re Not

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We’ve all heard the phrase: “Fake it until you make it.”

Well, let’s rephrase this old adage to apply to the modern-day digital marketing era: “Fake your expertise until you become the expert.”

With a wide range of software and applications out there, it’s possible to be the jack-of-all-trades in digital and social media marketing without any specific training in the medium.

Digital and social media marketing is crucial to the success of a company. An email marketing campaign is an essential part of an all-inclusive digital marketing program. If you’re a novice to this medium, the internet is a great resource for tips and tricks, in other words, “faking” your expertise until you become an expert.

So here are my tips for how to become an email marketing pro:

1. Use the right tools (like Express Pigeon). This is an affordable way to manage your contacts, design your emails and track results without having to hire outside help.

2. Do your research to learn about email marketing best practices. Google is your friend. Also check out blogs from industry leaders such as Unbounce or Moz.

3. Above all, evaluate your results and adjust according to your metrics. Several email marketing platforms, like MailChimp, offer statistics for their subscribers. Every company and campaign is different, so remember that email marketing is different for everyone.

What are your best tips for an email marketing campaign? Comment and let us know!

Adam Fridman is the founder of, a social network for entrepreneurs. MeetAdvisors allows for professionals to give free advice to those seeking help with their business ventures. Forbes has coined MeetAdvisors "Yelp for entrepreneurs." Armed with a Master of Science in Finance and experience in corporate finance and investment banking, Adam spent the past 10 years tackling a number of ventures with a focus on business development and strategy.

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