Go to There: SCORE Workshop on Buying/Selling a Biz

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Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t always about starting from the ground up. What about existing businesses? SCORE is holding an upcoming workshop focused on buying and selling a business as an alternative to starting up a new one. You’ll also learn how to analyze new business opportunities and negotiate a business purchase or sale.

The course outline includes:
- Qualifications to own a business: What it takes to own a business and to sell one
- Pros and Cons of buying into a business
- How to select a business or franchise
- How to negotiate? Successful negotiation results in win-win situation
- Financing options: How do you finance the purchase?
The Aug. 23 workshop will be held at the SCORE/SBA Office, 500 W. Madision Ave Suite 1150, from 8:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. It’s $50 for prepaid registration (through Aug. 22), and $60 at the door. Register and get more info here.
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