What Groupon’s Mason — And You — Should Learn From Facebook’s Zuckerberg

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It might be a tad premature to start comparing controversial Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with plucky Groupon CEO Andrew Mason (there isn't an Aaron Sorkin biopic being made about Mason that we know about), but that's not to say we all can't learn from Zuckerberg's actions.

Forbes.com recently published a list of four insightful lessons Mason could learn from Zuckerberg's coup with Chinese web services company Baidu to build a social-networking service for the country. 

The list is filled mostly with common-sense advice, but it can of course be easy for business owners to lose sight of what might be the smartest moves when confronted with onslaught after onslaught of decisions to make at a moment's notice. One of the main issues for Mason was his decision to outsource his first ad to an irreverant agency and ultimately push the wrong buttons on China.

The quick rundown on Forbes' list is as follows:

  1. Know what's important and what isn't.
  2. Don't delegate what's important.
  3. Don't kid yourself that you're funny when you're not.
  4. Show a little respect towards others.

Read the full article for more elaboration -- it's great advice on PR and how to behave as a business owner in general.

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