Food Trucks an Untapped Market for Small-Biz Owners

Chicago still has a ways to go before getting on the delicious food-truck bandwagon, but  it got a little closer earlier this week on Tuesday with the city's first-ever Food Truck Summit.

Flirty Cupcakes, The Southern Mac, 5411 Empanadas, and Sweet Miss Giving's were among the participants leading the way in what's been largely an untapped market for local small business owners.

It of course has remained largely untapped due to a city ordinance that stipulates licensed food trucks must only serve food prepared off-site -- does the sound of lukewarm chicken piccata or an hours-old Reuben get your stomach grumbling?

Of course not. But that hurdle may yet be overcome thanks to public pressure from culinary-school grads starving for employment and brick-and-mortar restaurants on city council to pass legislation legalizing on-site cooking. In other words, definitely something to consider for a potential new business.

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