Chicago’s Mad Men and Women's Emma Arnold seeks Mad Men-inspired style at Chicago's Leo Burnett advertising agency.

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By day, Emma Arnold is an Art Director at Chicago's Leo Burnett, but in her spare time, she stalks the streets of Chicago and New York fashion week seeking subjects for her street style blog (Check out ourcollabo with Emma at Lollapalooza 2011). In anticipation of the fifth season of AMC's Mad Men, Arnold profiled some of her co-workers to get a modern take on the fashion sensibilities inside an advertising agency. She shared some of her favorites with us, and more looks are featured on her blog.
Emma Arnold,
Katie Mellor (left), Art Director, Charlotte Haynie (right), Writer.
"In advertising it's commonplace for art directors and writers to work as a team and be assigned to projects together. Katie and Charlotte are adorable on there own and when you put it together it's like cute overload! Katie's style is full of color, pattern and quirky detail while Charlotte likes to play it a little more classic.
Emma Arnold,
"Dan Jividen is a copywriter. As you can see from this photo his look is very classic with an edge."
Emma Arnold,
"Donna Varichak is a Senior Producer at Leo Burnett. Her look is all about drama. She also has the best shoe collection at the agency."
Emma Arnold,
"Eric Schwieger is a copywriter at Leo Burnett. He always wears the coolest snake skin cowboy boots."
Emma Arnold,
"Jeremy Boland is an Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett. Very Don Draper, no? Also, his rad bowtie was actually improvised from a belt."
Emma Arnold,
"Kyle Obriot is a Video Editor at Leo Burnett. After watching the Ken's Burns Baseball documentary he picked up this reproduction of a classic jersey from the turn of the century. Score! Check out the cool company he founded called Giant System that makes motion pictures of bands playing their songs in their spaces."
Emma Arnold,
"Lamar Land is a digital strategist for the multi-cultural agency Tapestry. I love how he's mixing color here. Turns out blue, black, brown and purple look great together."
Emma Arnold,
"Pippa White is an Art Director at Leo Burnett. How cute are these plaid pants and cheeky menswear look?"
Emma Arnold,
"Susan Credle, the Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett USA, seemed like the perfect place to start. She has incredible personal style and there are striking parallels between her career and that of the show's plucky copywriter, Peggy Olson. Like Peggy, Credle started out as a secretary at the real-life agency BBDO New York. Over the course of 24 years, she worked her way up to executive creative director. Perhaps this is how Mad Men will end with Peggy taking over and moving to Chicago?! When I asked Susan if she had a favorite outfit or item of clothing that made her feel powerful, she said that she dresses depending on how she feels that day, or for a particular client or brand. This is really what personal style is all about: self-expression and communication."
Emma Arnold,
"Taylor Stat is an Account Executive at Leo Burnett. Taylor style is all about unexpected proportions and juxtapositions. Love how she's paired these camo pants with the delicate silver heels."
Emma Arnold,
"Trevlin is a copywriter at Leo Burnett. Trevlin typically dresses like 1929 never went out of style, and let's be honest he looks pretty amazing."
Emma Arnold,
"Yumi Minamikurosawa is an Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett. She is the patron saint of fashion at out agency. On any given day you can find her wearing expertly layered minimalist designer clothing that is almost always black on black on black."
Emma Arnold,
Audrey Huber is an Account Executive at Leo Burnett. I'm loving this bright yellow tailored jacket over the relaxed white t-shirt and jeans. Audrey always looks incredible when I see her in and around the agency. She also has a great personal style blog called A Lovely Escape.
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