Injured Taj Gibson Hopes to Play Soon

The reserve power forward re-injured his left knee April 2 against the Washington Wizards

Taj Gibson was in good spirits after the Bulls snapped the Knicks’ 13-game winning streak on Thursday night. The reserve big man was sporting a brace around his sprained left knee and was more than willing to talk about his status and where he is in his recovery.

“I’m feeling good; feeling better. Just getting back to running normally. This brace is something totally different. It’s like a handicap brace. You really can’t do anything,” quipped Gibson who re-sprained his knee against the Washington Wizards on April 2.

“The way I like to play, I like to run and freelance, but the brace is restrictive. It’s to stabilize my knee, which is healed, but it still feels a little weak,” he explained.

The brace Gibson has is similar to what Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh wears. He could be ready to suit up again Friday night against the Toronto Raptors, although nothing is certain.

“We’re going to do some tests to see how I feel and how I’m running, but I’m looking forward to coming back soon, and as soon as I feel healthy, I’m going to try and go back out there. The whole key is not to rush back. I kind of felt like I pushed myself to get back with the team and I kind of rushed it.

“I wasn’t really able to play like I normally do and I got hurt again. So this time I’m taking the proper precautions and talking the right steps. Being injured is harder than playing ball. You have to work out twice a day and you get treatment three times a day. But the trainers are on top of it. They don’t want anything else to happen.”

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