WATCH: Phil Jackson Settles MJ vs. Kobe Debate

Who would win in a 1-on-1 battle between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is finally settled by the man who coached both

The endless debate among basketball fans between who would win in a game of 1-on-1 between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant seems to pop up every few months. If you’re a Chicago Bulls fan or old enough to remember MJ in his heyday, then your allegiance likely lies with the man many consider the greatest basketball player of all time.

However, if you live on the West Coast and are a Lakers fan, then you most likely feel the guy they call the “Black Mamba” would take down Jordan, mano a mano, on the basketball court.

Well, we can finally put this issue to bed as the “Zen Master,” Phil Jackson weighed in on the topic.

Nobody knows these two men better than he does, and in spite of all their similarities as players, Jackson says there is one thing that separates the two and gives one a distinct advantage over the other.

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