Gilbert Arenas Says He Could Beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1

The ex-NBA star says at 50-years-old, Jordan would have no shot against him on the court

Michael Jordan dunking a basketball at 50 years old made headlines in the basketball world and continued to fuel stories that, even though he is officially retired from the game, MJ can still play.

He’s already beaten a current NBA player 30 years younger than himself, mano-a-mano. That player happens to be Jordan’s employee, 20-year-old Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. But an ex-NBA player who is 19 years younger said Jordan wouldn't have a shot against him on the court.

That player would be none other than Gilbert Arenas who, as a member of the Washington Wizards, famously dropped 60 points on the Los Angeles Lakers eight days before Christmas in 2006.

Stopped by TMZ cameras, Arenas was asked about Jordan dunking at age 50 and who would win if the two played 1-on-1 to five points.

On Jordan dunking Arenas said, “That’s amazing. But it’s Michael Jordan. If he stepped on the court right now, everyone would expect him to still be Michael Jordan. That’s just how that legend is.”

And on that 1-on-1 game to five points, said Arenas, “If he’s still dunking at 50 that means he’s still athletic enough to guard anyone, but I’d say [the final score] would be 5-2. I’ll give him two (points). We’re talking about a 50-year-old Jordan, we’re not talking about an NBA Jordan; against a 50-year-old Jordan, I’ll give him two (points).”

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