WATCH: Noah Says Deng Trade Felt Like Bulls “Failed”

Joakim Noah sat down with Bill Simmons during All-Star Weekend to discuss the state of the Bulls after the Deng trade

Joakim Bill Simmons All-Star
Getty Images

 Joakim Noah is a polarizing player that you love if he’s on your team, but you probably hate him if he’s not. In the absence of Derrick Rose, Noah has not only become the face, heart and soul of the Bulls, but in many ways, the City of Chicago as well.

That being said, people always want to know what’s on Noah’s mind, and if you put him in a “media-friendly” environment like the NBA All-Star Game, you’re going to find out, like Bill Simmons did.

Simmons and Noah down on “The BS Report” from All-Star Weekend to discuss all things Bulls, including a funny summer workout story between Noah and Thibs at the Berto Center. But the most interesting comments came when Simmons asked about the trade of Luol Deng and how it affected the team.

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