D. Rose Joins Bulls on the Road

Derrick Rose joined his Bulls teammates for their two-game road trip to Orlando and Washington, D.C.

Give DRose a Break
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The Chicago Bulls defeated the Orlando Magic in a triple-overtime marathon on Wednesday night, and Derrick Rose got a front-row seat for the exhilarating contest. Rose is travelling with the team on their two-game road trip to Orlando and then Washington, D.C., and sat on the bench during Chicago's 128-125 victory.

It’s the first time the point guard has been seen with his teammates since tearing the meniscus in his right knee back in February, and they couldn’t be happier.

“It’s always good to have him around,” Kirk Hinrich told CSN Chicago. “You see him some, but it’s nice to have him traveling with the team.”

Tom Thibodeau echoed a similar sentiment.

“You guys don’t see him but he’s [at the Berto Center] every day. Now that he doesn’t have the crutches, it’s better for him to be with us where he can do his rehab with us,” the head coach said. “The crutches are gone. He’s moving around a lot better. So it’s time.”

Rose didn’t address the media after the game and likely won’t until he begins practicing. That would then mandate him speaking to the media.

But since the Bulls have officially ruled him out for the season, we may not hear from Derrick Rose at all again this year.

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