Durant: Rose Was Right to Sit Out Season

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar says Derrick Rose looks better and sitting out last season was the right thing to do

KD on DRose
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Derrick Rose received more public criticism than support for his decision to sit out last season, but at least one fellow NBA superstar has his back.

Appearing on CSN Chicago’s Sports Talk Live, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant said D. Rose sitting out was the right decision.

"It was really good for him to take the whole year off," Durant said. "A lot of people criticized him for it and were really upset about him not playing, but it was the best thing for him. I can tell, because he looks better."

Durant worked out over the summer in Los Angeles with D. Rose and his long time trainer Rob McClanaghan, and ‘The Durantula’ got a first hand look at the improvements that Rose himself has said he’s made, both physically and to his game.

“Well he’s an MVP. He’s a high-level player,” said Durant. “So explosive, so great, just a great person all around. I really enjoy watching him play. He is one of the few players I would go pay to see play. He is going to make [the Bulls] even better this year.”

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