Derrick Rose Dunk Video Overblown

Major details missed in recent video of D. Rose dunking

 When it comes to Derrick Rose dunking a basketball, any news of the former MVP seeming to regain his explosiveness is enough to cause excitement for basketball fans – not just Bulls fans – everywhere.

So when this video surfaced of D. Rose dunking prior to Chicago’s showdown with Oklahoma City on Sunday, the optimism for a return to the court soon went several notches higher.

But not so fast.

What most people fail to realize – or fail to acknowledge – was that Rose completed the two-handed dunk jumping and landing off his right leg. So giving folks the benefit of the doubt, maybe they forgot that Derrick tore the ACL in his left knee and that’s where he still doesn’t feel confident in his explosion to the rim.

But that hasn’t stopped rampant speculation on the health of Derrick Rose and his prospects on coming back this season.

So after hearing that Rose has been throwing it down for several weeks in practice, it’s nice to have an actual video to back it up. But when I see him dunking in stride off his surgically repaired left leg, then I’ll be excited. And you should be, too.

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