How Much Will D. Rose Help Bulls When He Returns?

The Bulls have been struggling with a brand of inconsistent basketball lately, will Derrick Rose be able to fix that when he comes back?

Even if you don’t live in Chicago or have a Bulls allegiance, you’re probably one of many who can’t wait to see Derrick Rose play on the basketball court again. As one of the more likable superstars in the NBA, D. Rose's ACL injury drew an outpouring of sympathy from many of those in the basketball community. 

Now, as his return becomes more and more imminent and given the Bulls inconsistent play this season, it makes you wonder how big of an impact Rose coming back will have on the team.
Some feel that once Rose does comes back, he’ll have an immediate – almost Adrian Peterson-like – impact that will have the team playing much better basketball than we’ve seen thus far. That his presence will once again have the team playing with a chip on their shoulder and an “us against the world" mentality.
But then there are those who view his comeback through a cautiously optimistic lens with Rose sure to be on a strict minutes limit initially and the uncertainty of how he’ll perform once he does start playing again. There’s an air of uncertainty and since you don’t know for sure how Derrick will be, some will take more of a “wait and see” approach.
Obviously everyone in Chicago is hoping D. Rose can be like “AP,” where there seems to be no physical limitation and he can take the Bulls all the way back to the Eastern Conference Finals once again. But whatever the case may be, just having Derrick wearing his Bulls uniform again will be huge and it can only help the team.
How much he’ll be able to contribute on the court is anyone’s guess, but if Rose can at least get the Bulls to play inspired basketball consistently, then he’d have already done his part.
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