Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Unveil Winter Classic Logo

The Chicago Blackhawks will be competing in this year’s Winter Classic at Notre Dame Stadium, and on Friday the team revealed the logo it will be using for the big event.

The Blackhawks, who will host their second Winter Classic and third outdoor game overall when they hit the ice in South Bend, have turned the clock all the way back for the logo, drawing from their original look as an NHL franchise from the 1920’s:

The circular logo isn’t a completely accurate representation of the 1920’s look, with the team’s modern-stylized Indian-head logo and the name “Blackhawks” as one word instead of the original two word styling of the nickname.

Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic logo

There is no indication of whether the Blackhawks will use the black-and-white striped jerseys of that era when they hit the ice, but one would imagine there will be at least a subtle nod to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish when the look is revealed later this year.

The Blackhawks have previously used designs from the 1940’s, which they wore during the 2009 Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, and from the late 1950’s with their 2017 jersey at the Winter Classic in St. Louis.

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