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Chicago Blackhawks Pen Emotional Goodbye to Marian Hossa

Hossa won three Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks

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The Chicago Blackhawks traded Marian Hossa to the Arizona Coyotes on Thursday, and the team thanked him for his contributions in an emotional tribute on social media.

Hossa, who won three Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks in eight seasons, was unable to play last year due to a skin condition, and will never don an NHL uniform again.

Despite that, the Blackhawks still admit it was difficult to say goodbye, and they paid tribute to him on social media:

The Blackhawks also issued a statement thanking Hossa for his contributions:

“Today is another example of the leadership Marian has displayed as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks organization. When we approached him to discuss the idea of him waiving his no move clause to allow us to make this move, it became clear this was a difficult thing for him to consider. After the success he has had in a Blackhawks jersey, the friends he has made throughout the organization and the fact his heart will always be in Chicago, the thought of disassociating in any way from the team he has come to love was not something he really wanted to give any thought to at all. But, as the consummate team player, he did what he has always done. He did what the team needed him to do in order to succeed.

Marian’s long-term contributions to the club will never be forgotten. His performance as a player was always appreciated, but, it is his special qualities as a teammate, a leader and a person, that will more than anything leave its mark on all of us who have come to love and respect the very humble way he goes about everything he does. He has shown us all the impact we can have on others if we conduct ourselves with character, integrity and utmost respect for all we come in contact with. We have had the pleasure of watching him hoist three Stanley Cups with our team and he will forever be connected to the Blackhawks. On behalf of the entire organization, we would like to thank Marian—a world-class player—for all he has done for the Chicago Blackhawks.”

Hossa’s $5.3 million cap hit will now belong to Arizona, and the Blackhawks have hinted that they may bring him back in a front office capacity when his contract expires in three years. 

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