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Chicago Blackhawks 2022-23 Schedule: Dates, NHL Opponents

Here's the 2022-2023 Blackhawks Schedule originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The 2022-23 NHL schedule has officially been released, including all 82 games and dates for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks open the season on the road against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche, a tough first game match up. It's the second consecutive year they've opened the season in Colorado.

They play the Vegas Golden Knights in Nevada the next night and wrap up a three-game road trip against the San Jose Sharks on Saturday.

The Blackhawks play games bookending Thanksgiving, on the road on Wednesday night against the Dallas Stars. Then the Blackhawks host the Montreal Canadiens in a day game on Black Friday in Chicago.

The Blackhawks play a New Year's Eve game against the Blue Jackets in Columbus, then host the Sharks in Chicago on New Year's Day.

The Blackhawks close out the season at home against the Flyers.

Here are some miscellaneous notes:

- 14 back to back games. February alone has four sets of back-to-back games. Nine of the back-to-back sets include a home and away game. The other five are on the road.

- With the last week of January/first week of February looks like the All-Star break.

The complete broadcast schedule, including national games, will be released at a later date. NBC Sports Chicago will be the exclusive carrier of all local games.

See the full schedule below:

Weds10-12-228:00 PMat Avalanche
Thurs10-13-229:30 PMat Golden Knights
Sat10-15-229:30 PMat Sharks
Fri10-21-227:30 PMvs Red Wings
Sun10-23-221:00 PMvs Kraken
Tues10-25-227:00 PMvs Panthers
Thurs10-27-227:30 PMvs Oilers
Sat10-29-226:00 PMat Sabres
Sun10-30-226:00 PMvs Wild
Tues11-1-227:00 PMvs Islanders
Thurs11-3-227:30 PMvs Kings
Sat11-5-222:00 PMat Jets
Thurs11-10-229:30 PMat Kings
Sat11-12-229:00 PMat Ducks
Mon11-14-227:30 PMvs Canes
Weds11-16-226:30 PMvs Blues
Sat11-19-226:00 PMat Bruins
Sun11-20-226:00 PMvs Penguins
Weds11-23-227:30 PMat Stars
Fri11-25-221:00 PMvs Canadiens
Sun11-27-226:00 PMvs Jets
Weds11-30-228:30 PMvs Oilers
Sat12-3-226:30 PMat Rangers
Sun12-4-226:30 PMat Islanders
Tues12-6-226:00 PMat Devils
Fri12-9-227:30 PMvs Jets
Tues12-13-227:30 PMvs Capitals
Thurs12-15-227:30 PMvs Golden Knights
Fri12-16-227:00 PMat Wild
Sun12-18-226:00 PMvs Rangers
Weds12-21-227:30 PMvs Predators
Fri12-23-227:30 PMvs Blue Jackets
Tues12-27-226:00 PMat Canes
Thurs12-29-227:00 PMat Blues
Sat12-31-226:00 PMat Blue Jackets
Sun1-1-236:00 PMvs Sharks
Tues1-3-237:30 PMvs Lightning
Fri1-6-237:30 PMvs Coyotes
Sun1-8-236:00 PMvs Flames
Thurs1-12-237:30 PMvs Avalanche
Sat1-14-237:00 PMvs Kraken
Tues1-17-237:30 PMvs Sabres
Thurs1-19-236:00 PMat Flyers
Sat1-21-237:00 PMat Blues
Sun1-22-236:00 PMvs Kings
Tues1-24-239:00 PMat Canucks
Thurs1-26-238:00 PMat Flames
Sat1-28-239:00 PMat Oilers
Tues2-7-237:30 PMvs Ducks
Fri2-10-237:30 PMvs Coyotes
Sat2-11-239:00 PMat Jets
Tues2-14-236:00 PMat Canadiens
Weds2-15-236:00 PMat Maple Leafs
Fri2-17-236:00 PMat Senators
Sun2-19-235:00 PMvs Maple Leafs
Tues2-21-237:30 PMvs Golden Knights
Weds2-22-236:30 PMat Stars
Sat2-25-239:30 PMat Sharks
Mon2-27-239:00 PMat Ducks
Tues2-28-239:00 PMat Coyotes
Thurs3-2-238:00 PMvs Stars
Sat3-4-237:00 PMvs Predators
Mon3-6-238:00 PMvs Senators
Weds3-8-236:30 PMat Red Wings
Fri3-10-236:00 PMat Panthers
Sat3-11-236:00 PMat Lightning
Tues3-14-237:30 PMvs Bruins
Thurs3-16-237:00 PMat Predators
Sat3-18-238:30 PMat Coyotes
Mon3-20-238:00 PMat Avalanche
Thurs3-23-237:00 PMat Capitals
Sat3-25-234:00 PMat Wild
Sun3-26-235:00 PMvs Canucks
Tues3-28-237:30 PMvs Stars
Thurs3-30-237:30 PMvs Blues
Sat4-1-237:00 PMvs Devils
Tues4-4-238:00 PMat Flames
Thurs4-6-239:00 PMat Canucks
Sat4-8-239:00 PMat Kraken
Mon4-10-237:30 PMvs Wild
Tues4-11-236:00 PMat Penguins
Thurs4-13-237:30 PMvs Flyers

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