Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Worth Nearly $2.5 Billion in New Valuation

The Chicago Bears may be trying to rebuild themselves into a contending team, but their financial situation is perfectly stable according to a new franchise valuation.

That valuation, which was done by Forbes Magazine, reveals that the Bears are worth an estimated $2.45 billion. The number represents a jump of more than $700 million over last year’s value, which was placed at $1.7 billion in the magazine’s rankings.

The $2.45 billion total ranks the Bears as the eighth-most valuable team in the NFL, the same spot that they occupied last season.

The Dallas Cowboys occupy the top spot on the list, with their estimated value a staggering $4 billion. The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are in second place at $3.2 billion, with Washington, the New York Giants and San Francisco rounding out the top five.

The Green Bay Packers are ranked in the number 10 spot on the list, with a value of $1.95 billion. The Detroit Lions are ranked 30th in the league, with a value of $1.44 billion, and the Minnesota Vikings are 18th at $1.59 billion.

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