Vic Fangio Got Wardrobe Help from Bears Chairman Before Broncos Press Conference

Vic Fangio was introduced as the 17th head coach of the Denver Broncos on Thursday, and as he took the reins on the team, he revealed that he was sporting one last tie to the Chicago Bears organization.


During his press conference, Fangio said that the orange tie that he was wearing had been given to him by Bears Chairman George McCaskey, who talked him out of wearing his signature sweatpants and hoodie for his introduction to the Denver media.

“I talked to George yesterday and asked if I could do my press conference in my grey sweatsuit, and he said no,” Fangio said. “So he gave me this tie.”

Fangio, who served as the Bears’ defensive coordinator for the past four seasons, thanked the Bears for their help during his tenure, and praised the organization as “first-class.”

“It was a great experience for me there, and I have nothing but good feelings leaving there,” he said.

Fangio also praised Bears head coach Matt Nagy, who opted to keep him on-board as defensive coordinator during his first season in Chicago.

“Seeing Matt become a first-time head coach this year has been a great resource for me for what I’m about to undertake,” he said. “He did a tremendous job, and the Bears are lucky to have him.”

Fangio has bounced around the NFL for over three decades, but this is the first time that he will have the opportunity to lead his own team as a head coach. In his typical frank style, Fangio said that it’s an opportunity that he doesn’t want to screw up.

“Okay, you wanted it, you got it, (and) you better succeed,” he said.

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