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Bears Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio Has Eyes on Baseball Gig

Fangio is a noted baseball fan, and appears eager to join Joe Maddon's staff

With the job he’s done at the helm of the Chicago Bears’ defense, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will likely draw some interest around the NFL after the season, but there’s only one interview on his docket at the moment.

Speaking to media after practice on Thursday at Halas Hall, Fangio was asked whether he was looking toward the future and any potential interviews that he could have for new jobs, and he said that there was only one on his radar.

 “I do know that I have one interview coming up at the end of the season,” he said, while waiting a moment to let the suspense build. “It’s with the Chicago Cubs. Joe Maddon has an opening. The guy that went to the Orioles promised me an interview for that job.”

"That guy," former Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde, is the new manager of the Baltimore Orioles, and the Cubs are still in the process of finding a top lieutenant for Maddon’s staff.

The last two Cubs bench coaches have gone on to become managers with different teams, so perhaps Fangio could have a chance to become a big league manager if this whole football thing doesn’t work out.

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