Chicagoans Don’t Seem to Mind Cool Snap

An unseasonable bit of cool air came into Chicagoland Thursday, keeping temperatures in the mid 50s for much of the day.

But people who spoke with NBC Chicago in the afternoon hours didn't seem to mind the bit of chill in the air. Runners and walkers were found all over the city, including the beaches and outdoor cafes.

"It's a gorgeous day out here. I love it. Even if it's a bit windy," said one woman.

Chicago area temperatures dipped well below typical conditions Wednesday night, into the mid-30s by dawn in the Fox Valley and near 50 in the city.

And in case you were wondering, the average mid-September temperature is 75 degrees.

Temperatures overnight into Friday will again be cold, dropping to low to mid-30s inland, but a wave of warm air pushes highs to lower 60s on Friday, mid-60s on Saturday and mid-70s by Sunday.

Milder air sticks around for the first part of next week, though showers and thunderstorms may beckon jackets once again.

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