Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Twitter Account Hacked Sunday

The Chicago Bears Twitter account was temporarily hacked Sunday morning.

If you follow the account, you might’ve first noticed a random tweet posted around 8:40 a.m. Sunday with an image of what appeared to be a Middle Eastern man with a caption saying “Welcome to our new owner @Turki_alalshikh #ProBowl #Bears100 #ChicagoBears.”

That post was shortly thereafter followed up with an explanation on behalf of “ourmine” @OurM1ne explaining that they hacked the account for two reasons, “1) Announce that we are back…2) Show people that everything is hackable.”

It seemed that those tweets were taken down pretty quickly, but followers soon saw the account retweet a verified “Pride of Detroit” live blog by Lions fans asking if they would trade linebacker Khalil Mack.

“Hey, while you're still hacked @ChicagoBears, trade us Khalil Mack for a 6th rounder. Twitter is a binding contract,” the tweet read.

The hacked account replied with “Done 1$.”

As of 9:40 a.m. Sunday, the Chicago Bears account remained hacked.

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