Grading the Bears Training Camp Clichés

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Outside of the hiccup of last year's lockout-shortened training camp, Chicago's training camps generally start with the same way. Players move in, carrying their bags of bedding and food, and spout out the same clichés to which football fans have become accustomed.

Grizzly Detail decided it's time to give those clichés some arbitrary grades.

First up? Jay Cutler:

"Everyone's comfortable. Obviously, there's still a lot of work to do with training camp. We need to take that next step as an offense."

That's skillful use of the cliché, Jay. It lets the reader know you're happy with the team you have -- thanks, Phil Emery! -- but doesn't get cocky. Cutler knows better than to give the Packers or Lions bulletin board material. But he could have amped it up with a few textbook clichés about taking it one day at a time. Grade: B

What does Brian Urlacher have to say?

“It’s exciting now because everything is new,” he said. “Everyone is zero and zero right now so it’s fun at the beginning. It kind of drags on. With the new rules it’s a little easier because we have days off, so it’s nice.”

Ooh, Urlacher uses his rhetoric to try to obfuscate his age. Everything is new -- not old like him. This veteran shows the young'uns how it's done. Grade: A

Speaking of a young'un, what does second-year player Gabe Carimi have to say?

“I have been training all five weeks that I have had (since the offseason program ended). Just to make sure I am ready and give it everything I’ve got.”

A direct answer on what you've been up to? What is that about, Gabe? Grade: C+

Finally, we have rookie Alshon Jefferey:

"I’m just looking forward to this experience. I’m just looking forward to going out there and doing my best."

Wow. Though he is a rookie, he is performing at high levels of clichédom. Nicely done, rookie. Grade: A+

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