Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears LB Sam Acho Praises Colin Kaepernick After Debut of Ad Campaign

Chicago Bears linebacker Sam Acho expressed his support for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is in the news again after he was named as the new face of Nike’s latest “Just Do It” campaign.

Acho, who is the Bears’ player rep and a member of the team’s social justice committee, says that Kaepernick “sacrificed everything” and that he supports the former quarterback’s stances on social issues.

“He sacrificed a lot,” he said. “I think what he spearheaded has caused ripple effects around the NFL. If it weren’t for Kap taking a knee, I wouldn’t be standing here right now (talking about social justice issues).”

Nike’s decision to use Kaepernick in the ads has been met with criticism and praise, including from President Donald Trump, who has been a frequent critic of NFL players who kneel or otherwise protest during the National Anthem.

Acho and his Bears teammates locked arms during the height of the Anthem controversy last fall after President Trump called for players to be fired if they took a knee during the playing of the song.

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