Chicago Bears

Rex Grossman Wins Dubious Honor in New Ranking

Grossman is one of 61 quarterbacks to have played in a Super Bowl

The Chicago Bears have made the Super Bowl twice in their history, but one of the quarterbacks that helped lead them there just got handed a not-so-prestigious honor.

In a column published on, Around the NFL editor Gregg Rosenthal ranked all 61 quarterbacks who have participated in the game, and by his evaluation, the very worst to go under center in the big game is none other than Bears quarterback Rex Grossman.

“Grossman only had three seasons where he started more than three games, but at least ‘Sexy Rexy’ has a nickname that will live forever,” Rosenthal wrote.

The other Bears quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, Jim McMahon, didn’t fare a lot better, finishing in 53rd place behind quarterbacks like Jake Delhomme, Neil O’Donnell, and Colin Kaepernick.

For those keeping track at home, Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas, and Joe Montana were the top three quarterbacks to play in the game.

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